• 15k-Flip in 8 days

    In this video I will show you a recent deal from start to finish where I profit $15K in under a week. I’ll show you the date I put the house under contract, the check I took to closing, the closing date with HUD and the final check I received.

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  • Wholesale Homes

    The Rehabbers Superstore offers a complete One – Stop Shop to help you tap into the local Tampa Bay market and we’ve been doing this for our clients for over 14 years.All buyer’s receive a Warranty Deed & Title Insurance at closing.

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  • Location! Location!

    No location is a bad location, if you buy for the right price. There is always the right buyer for the right price. However, when wholesaling properties to other investors, it’s important to know the locations most investors are buying.

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Anyone Can Get Started With Bulk REO’s – No Cash, Credit


Real estate investing in Bulk REO’s is accessible to everyone – even to those without cash or credit. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Buying a House with an Attached Buildable Lot


I love buying houses with attached, buildable lots. These deals can be very lucrative. It’s like going to a 2-for-1 sale. Sometimes you can pick up both properties for the price of one.

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Buying Condemned Homes Secret


Before you disregard the next condemned property you see, I suggest you reconsider. There is good money to be made investing in condemned properties.First, most owners of condemned properties are under great stress from the local Condemnation Department to make improvements to the property. The infractions may include an overgrown yard, garbage collected on the […]

Cashing In On Bulk REO’s


Buying and selling bulk REO’s is the hottest real estate niche in the country right now. This business is only a few years old. Therefore, not many people know how this business works. Lucky for you, I have been one of the few investors in the country who has actually closed bulk REO deals and play […]

Cherry- Picking Bulk REO Tapes Is Profitable


If you are absolutely tired of the hassles of buying investment properties you will want to read this article. I too once had to deal with the same struggles that many of you investors are dealing with right now. 

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Foreclosure Frenzy


Today it is hard to avoid stories surrounding the current foreclosure epidemic. You can open any newspaper and find an article about the increase in the number of foreclosures in the United States. In 2000, the stock market plummeted, the dot.com era had come and gone and investors were frightened. Therefore, many fled to what they […]

Form A Relationship With Building Inspectors


When I first started investing in real estate, most of the contractors I hired for my rehab projects were butchers. A butcher is a part time carpenter but full time hustler. Many claimed they could do carpentry work, but I soon found out it was only at a very simple level, and often for about […]

How Do Real Estate Investors Identify Target Markets?

Searching for a Niche Group - Magnifying Glass

Personally, I don’t care about the location of the home I am buying as long it is in a geographically accessible so I know the market and can oversee any development of the property. I buy in lower, middle and upper-end neighborhoods.  Choosing My Personal Target MarketWhat matters most to me is making sure I […]

How To Find Real Estate Steals For Investing


A good real estate deal will mean different things to different types of investors. Some investors like to buy properties at 20% to 30% below market value, some like to buy in desirable areas with good appreciation, and others like properties that are already rented out with positive cash flow. Personally, when I look to […]

How to Make Money with Planned Developments Secret


People love me, but developers hate me because I intercept their deals and make money off them. I don’t care if I’m labeled a capitalist-I’m out to make money.I like to stay in the loop and know exactly who is building what and where. When I find out from my sources that the city or […]