• Mastermind Experience

    Are you looking to be personally coached by me? I will be conducting a two-day mastermind for a few of my valued followers. There will be 16 hours of classroom style training over two days where you will have direct access to me and my team.

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  • $15k-Flip in 8 days

    In this video I will show you a recent deal from start to finish where I profit $15K in under a week. I’ll show you the date I put the house under contract, the check I took to closing, the closing date with HUD and the final check I received.

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  • Kenny The Investor

    Kenny is passionate about investing in American real estate because he is confident it will create jobs and spur growth in the economy. Through proper education and training, we give people a way to generate a comfortable income.

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  • Wholesale Homes

    The Rehabbers Superstore offers a complete One – Stop Shop to help you tap into the local Tampa Bay market and we’ve been doing this for our clients for over 14 years.All buyer’s receive a Warranty Deed & Title Insurance at closing.

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  • Kenny The Speaker

    Because he is regarded as a real estate investing expert, he has been on the Fox News Channel, BET Networks, TV One, and MSNBC. Kenny was also invited by P. Diddy to address his company Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment.

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  • Location! Location!

    No location is a bad location, if you buy for the right price. There is always the right buyer for the right price. However, when wholesaling properties to other investors, it’s important to know the locations most investors are buying.

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What’s The Difference Between a Realtor and Real Estate Agent?

  If you want to be a successful Real Estate Investor, there’s no way around it: you must find a Professional Realtor with an investment background to help you. Your business will not reach its full potential for success if you skip this step. Take your time and be sure to choose your team wisely. […]

What Are Your Goals as a Real Estate Investor?

Goals—the word itself seems to have an effect on people that makes them want to turn and run in the other direction. Procrastination really kicks in. Sometimes it causes what’s referred to as Analysis Paralysis, in which case some people do absolutely nothing that has to do with setting goals. That’s a BIG MISTAKE. Try […]

Build Wealth as an Educated Investor

  You might be experienced buying real estate, but do you have the knowledge to build wealth as a Real Estate Investor? With training and education, you can move from working long and hard as a Real Estate Entrepreneur to earning quick cash by making smart investment decisions. The tools we use and teach have […]

Do You Have What it Takes To Be an Opportunistic Investor?

Welcome back! In my last blog I discussed why real estate investing is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. In case you missed it, please click here: In my last blog post I discussed why real estate investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Don’t be surprised if you thought that initially. There are loads of speakers out there […]

From Real Estate Entrepreneur To Real Estate Investor

In an earlier blog article we discussed the difference between a Real Estate Entrepreneur and a Real Estate Investor. Please click here to see the article: . Although professionals in the same industry, the ACTION they take and their GOALS are very different. A Real Estate Entrepreneur purchases real estate with the intention of keeping […]

Real Estate Investing Is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

No matter what you’ve heard from prominent real estate investment professionals, speakers, or even well-known mentors, real estate investing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It can be highly lucrative and financially rewarding, but it’ll take time to build real wealth. You might also have heard real estate investing is a contemporary process of financial gain. […]



Are you looking to be personally coached by me? Join me in Tampa, FL on November 15th and 16th where I will be conducting a two-day mastermind for a few of my valued followers. There will be 16 hours of classroom style training over two days where you will have direct access to me and […]

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Promoter

Real Big Deal 3D Words Important News Announcement

You’ve heard of concert promoters; you’ve probably even heard of club promoters; but, have you ever considered the job of Real Estate promoting? Did you even know such a job existed? Well, it does. And it can be very lucrative if you know how to get the job done. So, clear your mind and prepare […]

How to Identify Your Target Market [Training]


Check out this powerpoint training on how to identify your target market…. Identify Target Markets  

Kenny Rushing The Mentor


Real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other form of investing because of its many advantages. Those who are the most successful are that way because of the level of education they have invested in. Kenny Rushing’s Real Estate Mentorship Programs are designed to empower each student with the specialized knowledge, training and […]