• Mastermind Experience

    Are you looking to be personally coached by me? I will be conducting a two-day mastermind for a few of my valued followers. There will be 16 hours of classroom style training over two days where you will have direct access to me and my team.

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  • $15k-Flip in 8 days

    In this video I will show you a recent deal from start to finish where I profit $15K in under a week. I’ll show you the date I put the house under contract, the check I took to closing, the closing date with HUD and the final check I received.

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  • Kenny The Investor

    Kenny is passionate about investing in American real estate because he is confident it will create jobs and spur growth in the economy. Through proper education and training, we give people a way to generate a comfortable income.

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  • Wholesale Homes

    The Rehabbers Superstore offers a complete One – Stop Shop to help you tap into the local Tampa Bay market and we’ve been doing this for our clients for over 14 years.All buyer’s receive a Warranty Deed & Title Insurance at closing.

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  • Kenny The Speaker

    Because he is regarded as a real estate investing expert, he has been on the Fox News Channel, BET Networks, TV One, and MSNBC. Kenny was also invited by P. Diddy to address his company Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment.

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  • Location! Location!

    No location is a bad location, if you buy for the right price. There is always the right buyer for the right price. However, when wholesaling properties to other investors, it’s important to know the locations most investors are buying.

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Finding Buyers: For Rent and For Sale By Owner

Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood and see a red and white sign that reads: FOR RENT BY OWNER? Sometimes there’s another sign right next to it that says:      FOR SALE BY OWNER. Those are investors that specialize in TERMS. Click here to read more about TERMS investors: http://www.kennyrushing.com/blog/whats-your-first-step/ Call the phone number […]

Networking at Courthouse Foreclosure Sales

Different investors like different networking settings. Your comfort level will determine where you begin and which settings are right for you. Some investors are shy and prefer letters to phone calls and phone calls to face-to-face networking. Whichever you prefer, go with what you feel most comfortable with at first and then encourage yourself to […]

Resources For Buyers List Building

I recently posted an article citing two obvious and fruitful resources for leads on buyers. For Rent Signs and Craig’s List will lead you right to them. Once you connect, a little leg work will pay off as you build your buyers list. There are a few other resources you might not have thought of. […]

How Can I Build My Buyers List?

  Once you start compiling your list of motivated sellers, you’re half way to the finish line. In order to move your business forward you’ll need to continually build your buyers list. How will you do that? Where do you find the buyers I described in my last article? To see it, click here: http://www.kennyrushing.com/blog/whats-your-first-step/ […]

What’s Next? Building a Buyers List, of Course!

What’s Next? As the real estate investment market evolves, it becomes more and more about SYSTEMS. In order to be successful, you have to put together and implement a system for your business. If you’re seeing this blog for the first time, please subscribe to my blog and go back and read a few of […]

You Have The Address—Now What?

    Once you get the address of a property listed for sale, go to the real estate tax records office to see where the tax bill is mailed. As soon as you have it, send your postcard saying: “We Buy Houses. If you’re interested in selling we’re interested in buying to build our rental […]

Use Craig’s List and Other Sites to Find Sellers

In a previous blog article I talked about how valuable Craig’s List and other sites like it can be for seeking prospects. Why make more work for yourself than you have to? Craig’s List makes research easy. Let me tell you what I mean. When mining Craig’s List for the ads of potential sellers, oftentimes […]

Drip Marketing: Another Viable Alternative For Real Estate Investors

What are Drip Ads and What Types of Opportunities Do They Provide? For the purpose of our discussion, I’m going to focus on local Internet Classifieds. Did you know that most local TV Stations have an opportunity for classified advertising? Don’t be surprised if you didn’t know that. Most people don’t. It’s on their official […]

Turn and Run The Opposite Direction

  Everybody wants you to send those Yellow Letters to market your business! “That’s what EVERYBODY DOES,” they say. Warren Buffet says something altogether different: he says, “Whatever direction the herd is headed in, turn and run the other way”. So what do you do?   I suggest you listen to Warren Buffet. He has […]

Get Them to your Website!

We’ve been discussing a lot of marketing strategies over the last several blog posts and if you’ve been following along, you’re probably getting a good idea of just how important marketing and advertising are to your investment business. If you’ve recently come on board as a subscriber or are seeing one of our blogs for […]