• Mastermind Experience

    Are you looking to be personally coached by me? I will be conducting a two-day mastermind for a few of my valued followers. There will be 16 hours of classroom style training over two days where you will have direct access to me and my team.

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  • $15k-Flip in 8 days

    In this video I will show you a recent deal from start to finish where I profit $15K in under a week. I’ll show you the date I put the house under contract, the check I took to closing, the closing date with HUD and the final check I received.

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  • Kenny The Investor

    Kenny is passionate about investing in American real estate because he is confident it will create jobs and spur growth in the economy. Through proper education and training, we give people a way to generate a comfortable income.

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  • Wholesale Homes

    The Rehabbers Superstore offers a complete One – Stop Shop to help you tap into the local Tampa Bay market and we’ve been doing this for our clients for over 14 years.All buyer’s receive a Warranty Deed & Title Insurance at closing.

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  • Kenny The Speaker

    Because he is regarded as a real estate investing expert, he has been on the Fox News Channel, BET Networks, TV One, and MSNBC. Kenny was also invited by P. Diddy to address his company Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment.

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  • Location! Location!

    No location is a bad location, if you buy for the right price. There is always the right buyer for the right price. However, when wholesaling properties to other investors, it’s important to know the locations most investors are buying.

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Stay with The Opportunity or Let it Go?

If you’re just getting started as an investor or are still in the investigation stage and your already thinking there will be road blocks to your success, you’re half right. In your career you will come across POTENTIAL challenges or roadblocks, but I’m going to show you how you can get past them. Did you […]

There Are Important Questions and Answers On Both Sides of the Deal

In the course of your career as a real estate investor, you’re going to market your business. That’s how you’ll find both buyers (investors) and sellers. Whether you use direct mail, car magnets or online advertising, there is no way to reach prospects without letting people know what you do. Regardless of which marketing tools […]

Develop Your Real Estate Investment Conversation Strategy

  Advertising is vital to your investment business. It’s the only way you’re going to get to a conversation with your prospects. One of the suggestions we give investors is to use car magnets to let people know you buy houses. This mobile advertisement goes anywhere you go, and if you go places where there […]

Successful Real Estate Investors Always Carry Business Cards

Real estate investing is a profession of opportunity. We create opportunities through our marketing efforts. Flyers, signs and postcards are some of our tools. There’s one more tool that’s inexpensive, easy to carry and compact. Don’t let its size fool you. It’s powerful. I’m talking about your business card. If you’re just getting started as […]

Should I Sell or Should I Hold?

As a real estate investor you’re going to come across a lot of sellers. Although some things will be the same across the board, there will be unique features with every deal. Your training will educate you as to how to proceed in each situation. One thing that will never change is this: you have […]

What if The Seller Owes More Than The MAO?

In my last article I introduced the investor’s Gross Investor Profit Margin (GIP). This figure is determined by the state the sale takes place in, and also the city, neighborhoods and in some cases, right down to the block. To read the article in full and learn more, Click Here: http://www.kennyrushing.com/blog/what-justifies-the-investors-gross-investor-profit-margin-gip/ Today’s discussion goes a […]

What Justifies the Investor’s Gross Investor Profit Margin (GIP)?

The investor’s Gross Investor Profit Margin (GIP) will be determined by more than just the state. It will also be determined by the city, neighborhoods and in some cities, right down to the block. In some cities you can be on one block and the homes are in the $200,000 range and then a block […]

Is The Property Up To Code?

Depending on how old the house is, if you plan to rent the house out or fix it up and sell it, you need to be sure it’s up to code. Some older houses will require more updating than others. Bringing properties up to code is especially important if you’re going to rent through the […]

What’s the Rush? Delay Gratification and Receive a Better Payoff

There is more than one way to succeed at real estate investing. Whatever you can conceive of and negotiate will help you, your buyers and sellers get what you’re all after; especially if you’re a principle in the contract, or you control the contract. Selling Rights to your paperwork to your opportunity might take a […]

What is the Distinction between Two Types of Cash Buyers?

    If you’ve filled out the telephone questionnaire with the answers and information you need to go to the next step with the buyer, the next thing you want to determine is the after-repair value. In order to do that, you’ll need to ask a few more questions. The answers to those questions will […]