About Kenny Rushing

Kenny’s Biography

Born in the inner city of Des Moines, Iowa, Kenny Rushing rose like a phoenix from the ashes of despair to become a renowned entrepreneur, real estate guru, media personality, and highly sought after motivational speaker. His path to success was not conventional nor was it easy. In fact, his life’s journey meandered through bouts of homelessness from the age of 10, to gangs, to prison, to becoming a leading authority on how to buy and sell American real estate. Despite his challenging upbringing and daunting circumstances, Kenny always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Desperate to help his family, at the early age of 13 he began selling candy door-to-door in the suburbs of Des Moines, and with his modest earnings he was proud to be able to help his mom with food for the family.

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Kenny – The Investor

In 2009 when the US real estate market crashed and many investors were calling it quits, savvy-minded Rushing saw an opportunity and formed the Rush Capital Fund to acquire and dispose of bulk real estate owned (REO) homes and non-performing notes from distressed banks. Kenny recognized that the record number of bank failures and over 3 million foreclosures filings during that period made it an ideal time to build a business model to harvest the opportunities delivered by these economic events. This model would prove to be successful; between 2009 – 2015 Kenny ‘flipped’ hundreds of homes to investors.

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Kenny – The Speaker

In 2008 Kenny released his first online program the New Jack Investor’s Guide to an audience that was eager to learn the same cutting edge strategies he used to build the Rehabber’s Superstore Company. In 2010 he followed up with another online program the Bulk REO Trader System that was offered to a group of real estate investors. This million dollar product launch was instrumental in helping students learn Kenny’s ‘inside secrets’ on how to negotiate with banks, ‘cherry pick’ homes from bulk packages, learn how to invest in mortgage notes, and structure deals without using any of their own personal cash or credit.

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Kenny – The Coach

It is a fact that real estate investments have created more millionaires than any other form of investing. The most successful investors realize the importance of investing in themselves by acquiring the required education before entering into their first deal. Nevertheless many ‘dreamers’ never mobilize their plan. Kenny became very concerned when he discovered that many people who have aspirations to invest in real estate spend thousands of dollars on education, but never purchase a house, or make any money. He developed a customized coaching that has helped hundreds of his students to realize their dream by putting a viable strategy into immediate action.

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Kenny – The Author

A highly sought after speaker, Kenny is passionate about sharing his expertise by teaching others how to buy American real estate. He has been featured on national and international platforms including the Essence Magazine Empowerment Seminar Series, Robert Kiyosaki’s Live and Uncensored in Las Vegas, and events in Scotland, London, and India. In his capacity as a real estate investment expert, Mr. Rushing has appeared on Fox News Channel, BET Network, TV One, MSNBC, NY-1, and a myriad of radio shows including The Bev Smith Show, The Al Sharpton Show, and The Tom Joyner Show.

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Kenny – The Philanthropist

Kenny has bailed out hundreds of Tampa homeowners from foreclosure.
Kenny has help hundreds of aspiring African American businesses get started Since August, 2000 in the Tampa Bay area.
Kenny has taught thousands of African Americans how to get started in real estate investing in Tampa Bay.
Kenny gave away 4 houses in 2010 – 2011.
Kenny has personally mentored hundreds of young African American males in the Tampa Bay community, sharing his business and real estate investing expertise.

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