Kenny’s Biography

  • CEO, Kenny Rushing Homes, LLC
  • Event And Conference Speaker – Promoter
  • Real Estate Investor – Education – Mentor
  • Community – Civic Leader – Philanthropist
  • Author – Publisher
  • Family Man

Born in the inner city of Des Moines, Iowa, Kenny Rushing rose like a phoenix from the ashes of despair to become a renowned entrepreneur, real estate guru, media personality, and highly sought after motivational speaker. His path to success was not conventional nor was it easy. In fact, his life’s journey meandered through bouts of homelessness from the age of 10, to gangs, to prison, to becoming a leading authority on how to buy and sell American real estate. Despite his challenging upbringing and daunting circumstances, Kenny always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Desperate to help his family, at the early age of 13 he began selling candy door-to-door in the suburbs of Des Moines, and with his modest earnings he was proud to be able to help his mom with food for the family.

While still a teenager, bad company and poor decisions would result in Kenny’s incarceration, nevertheless, his drive and ambition would not be derailed. His determination to turn his life around propelled him from a ‘small cell’ to a ‘big sell’ – yes, Kenny’s vision enabled him to launch an empire that enabled him to buy and sell more than 1,000 homes and participate in over $100 million dollars in real estate transactions. How did he do this? Well, in August 2000, Kenny started his first company First Time Development, an initiative focused on developing residential communities and selling homes to first time homeowners. In 2003 he added Rehabber’s Superstore which became the first real estate company dedicated to wholesaling real estate assets to aspiring investors. Shortly thereafter his desire to mentor inner-city youth inspired Kenny to launch “House Hustling Enterprises”, a business endeavor designed to teach young people how to invest in real estate.

Rushing gained prominence in the Tampa Bay market and national real estate circles through his catchy television and radio commercials coupled with his mass marketing brilliance. But even more than his name recognition and personal appeal, his business model worked! In the early 2000s it was unlikely to drive around town without encountering advertisements on billboards, bus stop benches, print ads, and direct mail all bearing his trademark “Cash in 3 Days for Your House”. Known as the King of Wholesaling Houses, Kenny is recognized as a trailblazer in the industry due to his effective business strategies that enable motivated investors to acquire and dispose of real estate assets without using any of their personal cash or credit. Undoubtedly Kenny’s tried and true business principles have facilitated the cultivation of a trusted and successful brand.

Not only is Kenny a real estate investor, he is also committed to investing in the lives of others. Hundreds of ‘real estate dreamers’ have been transformed into ‘Kenny Rushing Teamers’ through his tutorials and seminars that share the fundamentals of his real estate success. You too can join Team Rushing by enrolling in the Kenny Rushing School of Real Estate Investing (KRSREI). Today Rushing is the CEO of Kenny Rushing Homes, LLC. He is an avid believer in mentoring youth and giving back to urban communities. Along with his family, Kenny maintains residences in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

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