Kenny Rushing – The Author


In 2008 Kenny released his first online program the New Jack Investor’s Guide to an audience that was eager to learn the same cutting edge strategies he used to build the Rehabber’s Superstore Company. In 2010 he followed up with another online program the Bulk REO Trader System that was offered to a group of real estate investors. This million dollar product launch was instrumental in helping students learn Kenny’s ‘inside secrets’ on how to negotiate with banks, ‘cherry pick’ homes from bulk packages, learn how to invest in mortgage notes, and structure deals without using any of their own personal cash or credit.

Since the release of these two monumental real estate investing programs Kenny has authored over a dozen eBooks, Quick Start Kits, and Home Study Courses. Kenny is passionate about investing in American real estate because he is confident that it will contribute to homes sales, provide jobs, and fuel growth in the US economy. Among his published credits are several articles, real estate investing books, and programs including How to Buy American Real Estate, The $1 Deal Maker Investor Guide, and The Quick Cash Flip System. His gripping autobiography is now in the works and this highly anticipated project will be adapted into a major motion picture.

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