Kenny Rushing – The Coach


It is a fact that real estate investments have created more millionaires than any other form of investing. The most successful investors realize the importance of investing in themselves by acquiring the required education before entering into their first deal. Nevertheless many ‘dreamers’ never mobilize their plan. Kenny became very concerned when he discovered that many people who have aspirations to invest in real estate spend thousands of dollars on education, but never purchase a house, or make any money. He developed a customized coaching that has helped hundreds of his students to realize their dream by putting a viable strategy into immediate action.

Rushing’s coaching and mentorship programs are designed to empower each student with the specialized knowledge, training and tools needed to enable their success. Through Kenny’s dynamic and individualized training sessions you will learn valuable secrets, techniques and strategies on a range of topics including the acquisition and disposition of homes, fix & flips, buying cash – flow rentals, new construction, lease – options, short sales, subject-to deals, buying vacant land, investing in commercial properties, tax deed sales, foreclosure auctions, mass marketing to make your phone ring, and wholesaling homes for maximum profit.

By engaging Kenny Rushing and his trained instructors as your personal mentor, you’ll be ready to apply tried and true real estate principles with or without cash or credit! Why does Kenny’s students achieve such remarkable success? The answer is simple, Kenny teaches ‘net worth’ investing and matches you with the right strategy according to your financial profile. The ‘net worth’ match puts you immediately in the investment game whether you have cash and great credit, or less than perfect credit with no money at all to invest.

With Kenny’s customized coaching programs, the total focus is on YOU! Kenny or a certified Master Coach is available to come to your city and help you invest in the market you live in. That’s how committed we are to your success.

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