If there was something that I truly believed in – something that I knew could truly be the “difference” for the success of your real estate business – something that’s potent enough to change your fortunes with a single transaction and something that’s relevant enough to be the ABSOLUTE BEST OPTION for today’s economic environment, wouldn’t you be angry if I chose to withhold that information from you?

That’s the dilemma I faced recently, because a friend of mine named Kenny Rushing is releasing a program that will teach the one strategy that I think is the most relevant, high-leverage and incredibly potent opportunity in the real estate investing business today:  Bulk REO investing.

But hold on – this article isn’t about Bulk REO Investing.  It’s about the fact that it might appear to some of my valued subscribers that I’m contradicting myself.

You see, 18 months ago, I wrote a now famous article about why I wouldn’t support “product launches”.  You’ve seen product launches in the real estate training industry before, and you know it’s happening when you get the SAME EMAIL promoting the SAME PRODUCT from a gazillion different people, all of whom are begging you to attend THEIR webinar or to buy from THEIR link so that you can receive THEIR special bonuses.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with a product launch, but I’ve always been concerned about the RESPECT factor.  In other words – if I send the very same email to my subscribers that every other “promoter” is sending to their subscribers, aren’t we somehow being disrespectful of our subscribers?  I realize that not everybody agrees with me about that, and that’s fine.  There’s certainly room for reasonable people to disagree on this issue.

But for me, the rule has always been that I don’t promote product launches.  Why?  Because the most important goal to me is that I show respect to my subscribers by providing unique, timely and relevant information to them each and every day.  And frankly, if I participated in product launches on a regular basis, I simply could not achieve that goal.  So I don’t do it.

Until now – and probably never again.  I’ve decided to bend my own rule and have decided to get involved in telling you about my friend Kenny Rushing and his soon-to-be-released program called Bulk REO Trader.  The reason is simple:  This program is legitimate, it’s highly relevant in today’s market, the financial potential is overwhelming, and it’s legitimately approachable and viable for investors at every level of experience, financial capability and creditworthiness (or lack thereof).

There’s another reason:  After Kenny Rushing has completed the launch of Bulk REO Trader, that product is coming off of the market.  It simply won’t be available again after this.  So if I want to share this information with you, it’s now or never.

I think Bulk REO Investing is an astounding opportunity, and I think that to refuse to share it with you just because the method through which it’s being promoted is a “product launch” would be equally disrespectful.  So I’m going to change the rules around a bit:  I’m going to let you know what’s going on with Kenny’s product launch on a regular basis, but I’m not going to change the way we do business regularly.

For example:  You will *still* get a great article from me nearly every single day, and it will have nothing for sale, just as has always been the case.  Every day, you’ll learn something from the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter, just like you do right now.  And to make sure I support the important effort of spreading the word about Kenny’s great new system, I might EITHER add a “P.S.” to my daily email to remind you to take a look at the latest content that Kenny is giving away (his FREEBIE content is simply astounding)… and I might even send you a separate email on certain days when there’s something particularly noteworthy having to do with Kenny’s program.

The only exception will be in a few weeks when the program goes “live” and is available for purchase.  During that span of time, I’ll probably focus narrowly on convincing you to attend my webinars to learn more about Kenny’s program.  The reason is simple:  I’m going to be offering some OVERWHELMINGLY relevant bonuses that nobody else in the entire business of real estate investing can offer you, and these bonuses are directly applicable and relevant to the business of Bulk REO Investing.  To be sure, EVERYONE who supports Kenny’s launch will likely add their own special bonuses to motivate you to buy from them.  But when it’s all said and done, the “Ethical Bribes” I’m going to offer will make it silly to consider getting Kenny’s course from anyone but me.

And that’s it.  Kenny Rushing’s program is for real, and so is Kenny Rushing himself.  I believe in what he’s offering, and I think it can make a huge difference in your life, so I’ve decided to do all I can to get the word out about it – even though this isn’t the “style” that I prefer.  Nevertheless, please take this very seriously, and be sure to take advantage of Kenny’s FREE training, because even if you don’t end up buying his Bulk REO Trader program, you WILL get a huge amount of value out of his free training.  If you’re not yet getting it, fix that right now!  You can get it here:  Free Bulk REO Training from Kenny Rushing.

Thank you for reading the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter!  Your comments and questions are welcomed below.

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