Kenny Rushing’s Coaching Questionnaire


Kenny’s Level-1 Tycoon Coaching Programs Are Proven To Help You Get Started Investing In Real Estate With Minimal Financial Risk And Maximum Profitability!

Kenny’s secret is, he teaches his students “Net–Worth” investing. Kenny will help match you with the right real estate strategy that is best suited for your financial profile, rather you have liquid cash and great credit or very little cash with not so perfect credit.

If you want to fast-track your real estate business Kenny’s Level-1 Tycoon Training are offered by Kenny himself, or one of his expert trainers who can help you get started investing within 7-21 days, with the possibility of closing your first real estate deal in less than a month.

Kenny’s Level 1 Tycoon Training are custom fit to meet your budget. We offer one on one coaching plans starting as low as $2,500. That means you can not only get started, but be on the phone with a coach within a day or so after you have made the investment.

At The Kenny Rushing School of Real Estate Investing, we are committed to helping you get started achieving your real estate goals.

Please fill out the short questionnaire below and one of our team members will call you within 24 – 48 hours to interview you for a slot.

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