ken-bio-pic1Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Kenny was the son of a former gang-banger who tried to make a decent living and a woman who eventually succumbed to the depression of a broken marriage. At the tender age of 14 Kenny found himself a desperate young man from the projects who would do anything to help his family. The streets beckoned and he soon became a drug king pin, making more money than he could ever dream of. The dream collapsed, of course, and Kenny was arrested, convicted and sent to prison where he remained for seven years.

Today, six years removed from incarceration, Rushing is a phenomenally successful real estate mogul, civic leader and devoted philanthropist. He is also a dynamic visionary with a plan to help a generation. “We are losing too many young, productive Black males to prison,” Rushing says. “We have to reach out to this new generation and show them a viable alternative to selling drugs. Otherwise, we are going to lose them to the prison system.”

Rushing’s strategy? He wants to turn “street hustlers” into “house hustlers.” It is, as he calls it, a “movement.” The House Hustling Movement, which will educate, empower and inspire millions of disenfranchised African Americans. His company, Rehabber’s Superstore, Inc., which was established soon after Rushing was released from prison, now grosses millions of dollars per year through real estate transactions and investments. In turn, Rushing gives back a substantial portion of that income to support local businesses and help individuals launch their own companies.

House Hustling Enterprises, Inc., a separate division of Rushing’s parent company, provides the tools for others-particularly ex-cons and former street hustlers-to develop themselves and their communities through the real estate business. This part of the “movement” also includes a diverse number of ventures into entertainment (television and movie production); magazine publishing (House Hustling magazine); and Rushing’s unique “self-help memoir” entitled House Hustling Manifesto Volume I that will be published in 2007.

Next on Rushing’s ever-expanding agenda is the opening of a House Hustling Enterprises office in Los Angeles. Partnering with long-time movie and television producers Pamela and Mark McClafferty (the former head of Eddie Murphy’s television company), Rushing is working to develop a reality TV show-The House Hustling Challenge-negotiate the publishing rights to his memoir, and look to take his story to the big screen.

Rushing and his wife, Katrice, have two children: Kayla, 4, and Kenneth III, 3. Rushing also has a 14-year-old daughter, Kennetria.


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