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Kenny Rushing

Discover How To Make $25,000 Using Kenny’s Quick Cash Flip System In Less Than 30 Days!

Mr. Rushing breaks down his tried and true investment strategies in the training module titled: “$25K in 30 Days”. This eye-opening session rates as one of the most prolific training series that KRSREI has ever offered.

Kenny will teach you how to get your real estate business off the ground regardless of your current financial state. Are you working with cash or no money at all? No problem! Do you have perfect credit, or not so much? No problem! Regardless of your current financial state, there is a viable strategy and a path to success for YOU. Let KRSREI show you how!

This Level 9 & 10 strategy will enable you to build a strong foundation in the lucrative real estate investment market. Get ready for above average returns in record time as you hone your ‘birddog’ and wholesale skills.

Here is our objective for you: Learn how to execute a workable strategy to recoup your initial investment in 30 days or less by using the exact system that master entrepreneur Kenny Rushing and his successful graduate students are using in today’s real estate market.

The key to success and attaining expertise is to repeat the tried and true principles over and over. Be optimistic, be determined, and be tenacious.

Let’s Do This!




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Kenny Rushing with Richard Welch

How To Raise Millions To Fund Your Real Estate Business with Hard Money Loans

Richard most recently served as a Senior Loan Officer for Lending One, a Hard Money Lending Company specializing in short – term rehab loans for investors. Richard contributed dramatically to the overall production, growth and success of the company. He provided the leadership in loan origination, execution and management that established him as the leader in both the production and marketing divisions of the company.

While at Lending One Richard personally produced over 1,500 loans resulting in over $250 Million dollars in “Hard Equity” mortgages, and was the “Producer of the Year” for 6 straight years. Richard personally produced in the last year of operation over $47 Million Dollars in production which represented 45% of the company’s total production of $105 Million, which came from their overall operations in 11 states with 17 Loan Officers.



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Kenny Rushing with Willie Dixon & Diane Hart

How To Fund Your Not-For-Profit (501.c3) Real Estate Business with Government Money

Mr. Dixon has been in the real-estate business since 1965 and is considered a guru in world of affordable housing. Dixon is a licensed Realtor with Ann Thompson and Associates Realty, Inc. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Committee Organizing Assistance and Community Help Foundation, Inc. (COACH), which consist of Affordable Housing, Project Choice tutorial program and Faith Based Prison Ministry.

The program works to facilitate the building and improvement of affordable housing in neighborhoods throughout Tampa and operates in economically depressed area while revitalizing the community, creating jobs and helping to provide stable environments for growth. Under the leadership of Dixon, the COACH Affordable Housing Program participates in a joint effort with the City of Tampa Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Program.

COACH has been a partner with the City of Tampa Housing Program for over thirty years.

Through this partnership initiative, COACH has made it possible for over 200 families to become first time homeowners in the City of Tampa. For the very first time Mr. Dixon is going to share his insider strategies to how he was awarded millions of dollars in grant money to build homes in urban communities for his not-for-profit organization.



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Kenny Rushing with Tom DeGroot

How To Raise Millions To Fund Your Real Estate Business with Direct Mail

Tom DeGroot, shares how you can use direct mail in order to recruit and solicit people who are looking to invest in your real estate business.

Tom specializes in the practice of direct response marketing. Direct response marking is unique in that it offers us a chance to target a specific audience and ask them for some sort of response – specifically- ask them to respond to us and our offers. Tom in this session is going to take a 30,000 foot look at your practice, your business and how you’re going to get your message out.



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