Quick Start Kits:

The purpose of the Quick – Start Kits is to help you get started in real estate without the strain of paying for an expensive real estate home study course if you cannot afford to buy one at this time. The Quick – Start kits are aimed to help familiarize yourself with each strategy. It also offers a step – by step guide to structure the deal and the same iron-clad contract that Kenny uses when using the strategy.

The Quick – Start Kits are not intended to be used as your sole source to learn each real estate investing niche. We also recommend that you work with one of our expert coaches to help walk you through the deals when a coach is within your financial budget. You will learn more about what coaching programs we offer in the VIP coaching section at the end of this book. For pricing you can email us or call our office.

Bulk REO Seller’s Mandate Kit

How Kenny made $174,050.37 on one Bulk REO Deal acting as a Seller’s Mandate.

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$1 Investor Kit

Discover how to Turn $1 into $10,000 In 21 Days in your local market.

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Real Estate Promoter Kit

Discover how to raise millions of dollars from cash partners to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar to re–sell for enormous profit.

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Free House Give–Away Kit

Discover how Kenny get’s houses deeded over to him free & clear without a mortgage.

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Real Estate Funding Kit

Discover how to raise money from cash partners to buy real estate without using your own money

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REO Investing Kit

Discover how to buy REO homes from banks at bargain basement prices to be re – sold for profit

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Short Sale Investor Kit

Short Sale Investor discover how to find, negotiate and sell short sale deals to investors at wholesale profits in your local market place.

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Foreclosure Investor Kit

Discover how to buy Foreclosure properties from private sellers desperate to sell their house.

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Cherry – Picking REO’s

Discover how to buy cherry – pick BULK REO houses for Rock bottom prices to sell for profit.

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Prospecting 4 Profits Kit

Discover how to find locate and contract vacant absentee houses to buy from motivated sellers for quick profit.

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Real Estate Marketing Kit

Discover how to market to find motivated sellers to sell your homes and buyer’s waiting to buy your good deals.

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Cash Flowing Rental Homes Kit

Discover how to buy single family homes to rent for maximize cash flow to build up a retirement portfolio of income producing properties in your market.

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Kenny Rushing Books


How To Buy American Real Estate

Kenny has assembled 29 of the brightest real estate minds together in this book to reveal the exact strategies they are using to amass enormous profits investing in real estate.

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Rushing To Riches

In this book Kenny will lay out to you the fastest way to obtain real estate riches in today’s real estate market.

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House Hustling Manifesto

Kenny takes you back to his troubled youth and shows you how he uses the same key business skills today in his real estate business.

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Home Study Courses


New Investor’s Guide To Investing in Real Estate

This program was designed personally by Kenny to help new investor’s navigate through the challenges faced when trying to get their real estate business started.

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The Bulk REO Trader Mastery 2.0

If you were impressed with the Bulk REO Trader Home Study course Kenny launched in 2010 you haven’t seen anything yet.

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$1 Deal Maker Evolution

Most people don’t realize that it only requires $1 to legally tie up a house and then by using Kenny’s strategy you can re-sell that property for profit.

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Top 10 Real Estate Secrets

Kenny Rushing will reveal exactly how he put $500,016 in his pocket in 2010 using his Top 10 Real Estate Secrets.

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Learning Guide

Top 10 Real Estate Secrets

Top 10 Real Estate Secrets

Kenny Rushing will reveal exactly how he put $500,016 in his pocket in 2010 using his Top 10 Real Estate Secrets.

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Audio Books

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