Kenny Rushing Home Study Courses


Quick Cash Flip System

The Quick Cash Flip System allows for you to get started WITH or WITHOUT using your personal cash or credit. If you have money to invest, it will show you step by step how to make 25–100% Returns, or more in many cases in less than 30 days… Read More


New Jack Investor’s Complete Course

Too Many “Newbie’s” Have Their Hopes & Dreams Of Real Estate Wealth Shattered To Pieces By These Common–Yet Easily Avoidable–Real Estate Investing Goofs… Read More


The Bulk REO Trader System

FINALLY REVEALED: How YOU too can claim your piece of this CURRENTLY PROFITABLE real estate goldmine, previously kept secret by hedge funds, private equity firms, and high net worth individuals… including the likes of Warren Buffett and the ultra rich… Read More

Top 10 Real Estate Secrets

In 2010, Kenny created his top 10 Real Estate Secrets e-learning program. Today, in 2018 the strategies you can learn in this program are as relevant as they have ever been… Read More


How to Raise a Million Dollar in 90 Days


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