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“Ca$h Cranking” Legal Contracts


Assignment of Contract

The name of the process by which one party to a contract hands off their obligations and benefits to another party.

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Authorization to Request Pay Off Agreement

A homeowner grants an agent acting on their behalf the authorization to request payoff.

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Authorization to Trustee Agreement

The form signed by the beneficiary of the land trust that authorizes the trustee to sign documents on behalf of the beneficiary.

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Bill of Sale for Personal Property Agreement

A document that specifies the terms and conditions by which ownership of goods were transferred from one person to another.

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Contract for Deed

The contract between the buyer and the seller of a property used when the seller retains the title to the property until the buyer has paid the sales price in full.

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Eviction Notice

Notice provided by a landlord to a tenant officially notifying the tenant that their residency will be terminated and they must leave the property.

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Land Trust Agreement

In a land trust, the beneficiary of the trust directs the trustee in all matters affecting the title to the trust property.

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Letter of Authorization Agreement

A legally recognized written document indicating that a person has the legal authorization to perform important actions.

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Letter of Intent to Purchase Real Estate Contract

A document that lays out the details of a planned transaction before those details are finalized.

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Marketing Consulting Fee Agreement

A legally-binding document stating that a marketer will promote a property.

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Non-Circumvention/Non-Disclosure Agreement

An agreement between two or more individuals or parties that none of the parties signed to the NCND.

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Promissory Note Agreement

A signed document indicating a promise to pay a stated sum to either a specified person or the legal bearer of the promissory note.

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Quit Claim Deed Agreement

A quit claim deed transfers interest in a piece of property. The grantor (owner) give the grantee (recipient of the deed) their interest in the property.

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Real Estate Buy Contract

A legally-binding contract that records the understanding between the purchaser (buyer) of a property and a seller.

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Real Estate Sales Contract

A legal contract laying out goods, services, or property that a purchaser will receive in exchange for money (or a money equivalent).

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Satisfaction of Mortgage Agreement

A document provided by a mortgage lender acknowledging that a borrower has paid of a mortgage lien in full.

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Special Warranty Deed Agreement

A real estate deed that guarantees clear title of a property during the specific time period during which the seller of the property owned the property.

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General Warranty Deed Agreement

A deed that indicates that a seller (grantor) will guarantee that he or she has clear title to a piece of real estate and has the right to sell that property to a buyer (grantee).

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