Kenny Rushing Quick Start Kits

Jump start your dreams by investing in a Quick Start Kit. This simple instructional modules will unlock fundamental secrets to get you on your way to achieving your financial dreams. Quick Start can be the first rung of your enrollment in the Kenny Rushing School of Real Estate Investing.

Bulk REO Seller’s Mandate Kit

How Kenny made $174,050.37 on one Bulk REO Deal acting as a Seller’s Mandate.

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Free House Give–Away Kit

Discover how Kenny get’s houses deeded over to him free & clear without a mortgage.

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Real Estate Funding Kit

Discover how to raise money from cash partners to buy real estate without using your own money.

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REO Investing Kit

Discover how to buy REO homes from banks at bargain basement prices to be re – sold for profit.

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Foreclosure Investor Kit

Discover how to buy Foreclosure properties from private sellers desperate to sell their house.

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Cherry–Picking REO’s

Discover how to cherry – pick BULK REO houses for rock bottom prices to sell for profit.

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Prospecting 4 Profits Kit

Discover how to find locate and contract vacant absentee houses to buy from motivated sellers for quick profit.

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Real Estate Marketing Kit

Discover how to market to find motivated sellers to sell your homes and buyer’s waiting to buy your good deals.

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Cash Flowing Rental Homes Kit

Discover how to buy single family homes to rent for maximize cash flow to build up a retirement portfolio of income producing properties in your market.

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